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Jan-Peter Petersen - "zu spät ist nie zu früh"

In the organizer's words:

"I'll do it tomorrow", we know that. Repress, postpone, distract, leave it. But it doesn't always work. Too late is too early.

It's really annoying how often you have to put off important tasks before you've finally forgotten about them.

But there are some things that we should not put off, both big and small: Problems in relationships and jobs, measures to combat climate change, creating peace ... and artificial intelligence as an extension of consciousness for the supposedly rational human being?

Why go to the trouble of cracking the big nut when you can keep yourself happy with little chickpeas for all to see? Procrastination has long been part of everyday life, even in our private lives.

But Jan-Peter Petersen is not just targeting the usual suspects. Of course, the politicians in charge don't live for politics, but from it. And since, as politicians, they receive no more money for solving a problem than for formulating it, they constantly make claims but run away from the solution.

A violent rollercoaster awaits you in this program. Jan-Peter Petersen combines cabaret-style biting topical texts with highly comical everyday episodes. His cabaret observation turns into a precise inventory of current sensitivities.

The deficits become an asset. Pure cabaret.

This program could not be postponed. It's too late for that. After all, you have nothing else to laugh about. That's why you should definitely not put off seeing this program.

Director: Henning Venske

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