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K67: HABIBI TRAFIKA - The mobile city kiosk

The "Habibi Trafika" becomes a meeting place, a bar and a stage. The K67 is a remnant of socialist Yugoslavia, a restored icon that shaped the urban cityscape for decades.

Does anyone remember the K67 kiosk - a modular spatial system designed by Slovenian architect Saša J. Mächtig? The Münchner Kammerspiele has revived one such red cube and is bringing it to the streets of Munich this month from 21 - 29 June. The "Habibi Trafika" will become a meeting place, a bar and a stage. The K67 is a remnant of socialist Yugoslavia, a restored icon that shaped the urban cityscape for decades. What or who shapes the public space in Munich? Who meets here at the kiosk? Who lives here, shapes the city? Of course, balkaNet should not be missing. On 3 days we will contribute our program of DJ sets, concerts and exhibitions! Click here for the complete program around the Habibi Trafika K67.

On the following dates we from balkaNet will organize the program of the K67 Habibi Trafika:

> Friday, 21.06.24: 19-21 h Opening with DJ Vanilla Panzer

Location: Maximilianstraße 26-28 (in front of the Habibi Kiosk/Münchner Kammerspiele)

Music that hugs and shakes you. A wad has never hurt anyone, but only if it's made of punk and dub attacks. A layer of Balkan orientastique on top, garnished with Italo melt. If you don't melt, you'll get the Gastarbeiter*innenblues paired with Türküolasevdah on your eyes and in your heart. In between, electrified bastard and mystical cumbia - for all limbs in equal measure. And capers. Because that much freedom is a must.

> Sunday, 23-29.06.24: 16-22 h Exhibitions - balkaNet presents:

The exhibitions will be on display daily at the kiosk from 23.06.

Comics Box by Komikaze and Ivana Armanini

Komikaze is a small publishing house with a free bilingual comic website (Croatian/English). Since 2002, it has published quarterly webcomics and annual anthologies by Croatian and international artists. In 2020, Komikaze won the prize for the best alternative edition at the largest European comic festival in Angoulême, France.

OGLEDALO/ UN-EBENBILD (exhibition times in detail)

Munich residents tell their stories about 4 questions. Their memories shape the city's history. Questions: Who are you, what city do you belong to? Do you belong to a "bubble"? What do you think about when you look in the mirror? Stories about life, memories and the new home, linked with the beautiful and the terrible.

> Tuesday, 25.06.24: 19-21 h with DJ Spoma

Location: in front of the TU, Türkenstraße 15

DJ Spoma (Balkan beats, gipsy music from all over the world, ethno, punk) is considered one of the first promoters of Balkan parties in Munich. A native of the Balkans, she puts her heart and soul into mixing and has performed as a DJ with bands such as Let 3, Deladap, Kultur Shock, Mahala Rai Banda and Kocani Orkestar. Her world music beats at various parties and festivals in Germany and abroad have ensured that even those who usually just sit quietly dance.

> Wednesday, 26.06.2024: 5-6 pm with Iskra & Vlado

Location: in front of the TU, Türkenstraße 15

The duo plays an exciting mix of jazz and bossa nova standards and classics from pop and soul history, as well as selected folk songs from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Macedonia. Iskra Grizelj comes from Bosnia and Herzegovina and has already sung with many well-known artists there, such as from 2015 to 2017 as a backing singer in the band of Dino Merlin, one of the best-known singers in the former Yugoslavia, with whom she toured throughout Europe.Vlado Grizelj has been an integral part of the Munich music scene for many years and is at home in many formations of different styles. From 2002 to 2010, he led his own band "Etna", with whom he recorded two albums. From 2014 to 2018 he played with the classical jazz ensemble "Passo Avanti". In 2017, he recorded the album "Different Worlds" with his jazz trio, featuring his own compositions. Since 2018 he has been a member of the trio "Acoustic Caravan" with Vladislav Cojocaru on accordion and Giorgi Makhosvili on double bass, and since 2022 he has been concentrating on working with his own quartet. The quartet's current album "Purple Sky" will be released on 24.05.2024 on Doublemoon Records/Challenge Records.

Iskra Grizelj - Vocals

Vlado Grizelj - guitar

> Friday, BaShBozouki`s, Comics Box and OGLEDALO exhibition

Location: Neuperlach, Gerhart-Hauptmann-Ring 15

5-6 pm LIVE concert with BaShBozouki's:

Free, lively music improvisation by Asmir Šabić. Bouzouki You do not expect! The artistic idea behind the pseudonym BaShBozouki's can be described as a free, lively musical improvisation. It was launched by Asmir Šabić to create an open and interactive space for creative collaboration of different musical sensibilities. BaShBozouki`s moves skillfully between ethno-noise sounds, electro sequences, free improvisation and vocally haunting slogans. The concept is flexible and is presented in different formations - solo, duo or trio - making it a versatile approach to improvisation and participation.

Click here for the complete program overview as part of the "What is the city now?" series of events at the Münchner Kammerspiele.

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