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LINEUP June 29
Daniel Wolfson
Abdul Kader Chahin
Fred Costea
Florentine Osche
Host: Hinnerk Köhn
Stand-up comedy is booming and we're celebrating. A fearless band of young comedians is conquering live stages & the internet - and we've invited the most explosive for you to KdK Stand Up. Enjoy virtuoso humor artists on the big stage, before they perhaps soon only play the really big stages. Look forward to bizarre perspectives on our completely normal, completely crazy world. Bitterly beautiful punchlines about small happiness, great misery and infinite inadequacy. Or simply wonderfully honest voices that you should have heard.

The North German bon vivant Hinnerk Köhn is a cheeky and charming guide through a perfectly curated evening that is a real pleasure to listen to. Or to put it another way: finally an evening event where you can have a good laugh even with your least funny friends.

The stand-up scene is on fire and we at Kampf der Künste are joining in by burning down hot locations with you every month: Mojo Club, Ernst Deutsch Theater, Uebel & Gefährlich or Draußen im Grünen. Let's welcome a spirit that makes the old spectre of German comedy look ancient. This will be a high-intensity workout for the diaphragm - witty and crazy, laconic and escalating. And of course, comedy is always a matter of opinion, but at KDK Stand Up there are some really worthwhile views waiting for you. You'll see.

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Ernst Deutsch Theater Friedrich-Schütter-Platz 1 22087 Hamburg

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