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Levin took violin lessons at the age of 5, switched to the piano as a teenager and began arranging his own instrumental pieces. Here, he devotes himself to a wide variety of genres, circulating and combining seemingly incompatible styles: from neoclassical and piano composition to hip-hop and RnB. All in all, the result is a sound that seeks comparison more on the international than the national stage.

It is therefore not surprising that Levin uses the English language when he begins to work with lyrics.

As a result, he dared to go public at the beginning of 2021 with an EP, which - in all consistency - was accompanied by a self-made short film. At the same time, the young artist is working on multi-faceted sketches, including his first German-language songs. He is keeping these under wraps for the time being. He has too much respect for his own mother tongue and its usually very specific form of expression. The barriers are increasingly broken and in the following months he develops and releases his first German-language pieces, which are to be understood as an alternative to fleeting, quickly consumable playlist music. Levin's songs can't and don't want to be standard pop - the thoughts and feelings from which the Hamburg native forms his lyrics are too complex.

Diffuse retrospections take place alongside new insights and recurring doubts, and yet they create an organic overall picture in the balancing act between pop and rap. This may be due not least to the fact that everything from lyrics and production to flow and performance comes from a single source - and Levin Liam thus creates a refreshing body of work whose melodies stick in the ear and nonchalantly entice you to sing along.

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Zelt-Musik-Festival Mundenhofer Straße 79111 Freiburg im Breisgau

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