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LICHTER DER STADT - Kölner Kino Nächte

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D 2020 - 102' - DF - Director: Malte Wirtz

Cologne at night: Joscha wanders through the city, restless, always on the move. On the banks of the Rhine, he gets drugs from a dealer. But then chance encounters with acquaintances and old friends stop him from taking them. The conversations he has with them give an insight into Joscha's past, but at the same time revolve around everyday banalities, getting lost in jokes and excuses. When he finally finds time to swallow the pill, he wonders whether this was the right decision.
"Thefilm capturesthisfeeling of drifting loss of meaningquite successfully.The movie isconstantlyin motion without anything really happening: shaky, unsteady andfickle.This is also so engaging because there is not a single cut, everything is filmed in one take." (Sebastian Seidler in : epd Film, 27.5.2022)

As part of the Cologne Cinema Nights.

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Filmpalette Lübecker Straße 15 50668 Köln

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