PHOTO: © Haus der Kunst, 2023 Foto: Maximilian Geuter

Luisa Baldhuber. Afterglow

In the organizer's words:

"Afterglow" by artist Luisa Baldhuber (born 1994, Munich) takes up the ideas surrounding the design of Munich's English Garden and transfers them to the staff entrance of Haus der Kunst as a spatial installation of light and wall painting. The English landscape gardens of the 18th and 19th centuries reflected the principle of a natural landscape. Despite the intended closeness to nature, these gardens were artificially created parks oriented towards the aesthetics of landscape painting and an idealized nature. In this sense, the English Garden also stands for human desires and needs for a natural landscape in an increasingly industrialized and technological environment. The stark contrast between the "wild" and romantic nature park and the neoclassical architecture of the Haus der Kunst, built during the National Socialist era, is also deliberately addressed in the installation "Afterglow".

In Baldhuber's expansive installations, in which she works with the interplay of colored light and wall paint, the artist is concerned with overcoming the spatial boundaries of an architectural space. In doing so, she questions the original architecture and examines ideas of our world that manifest themselves in buildings. The abstract sky painting takes up the minimalist style of light-and-space movement, which is an important reference in Baldhuber's artistic work. Through the optical expansion of space and the changing color moods, "Afterglow" awakens memories of moments in the open air and lets us dream for a moment.

Curated by Anna Schneider.

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Haus der Kunst Prinzregentenstraße 1 80538 München

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