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Mein Mann wird Mutter

In the organizer's words:

At last! Another couple who have wanted a child for a long time and are finally getting there. As usual, the pregnancy period is not easy: she gets moody, he gets exasperated. But in this case it's something special: they're both men!

And both have been waiting a long time for their wish to adopt a child to finally be granted. When the relieving news comes that they will soon have a boy, "father" Wolfgang is beside himself with excitement. "Mother" Ulli is no different - except that Ulli goes crazy in a special way. He really wants to spend the last few weeks until the "birth" as an expectant mother and go through all the stages that a pregnant woman goes through. Ulli throws herself into the new role with enthusiasm - but Wolfgang is anything but happy about his partner, who is getting bitchier by the day. Especially now that Wolfgang's daughter Nina (the result of a "misstep") returns from Italy and throws the little family into complete comedic chaos ...

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Price information:

Discounts are available for people with disabilities (severely disabled pass / wheelchair), pupils and students. For further discounts, please inquire at our box office!


Weyher Theater Am Marktplatz 15 28844 Weyhe

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