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Michael Frowin - Das wird ein Vorspiel haben

In the organizer's words:

A media orgasm every minute, facts or fakes - it doesn't matter, the main thing is the climax. Breaking news coming soon. And what does the brain say after coitus with millions of pieces of information?

Exactly: Brpflntptschmööp! It's fucked up. And it really is, no joke!

And in more ways than one. Because the gut thinks for itself. Even more than we think. Whether it's butterflies in the stomach or knots in the stomach: the digestive tract tells us what's going on in the head. Either to perceived knowledge or rational emotions.

For example: 300 people in Germany choke on pen parts every year, 15,000 die at home every year because they fall off a ladder or shower with a hairdryer - but what is growing in Germany? The fear of terror.
There are 54 billion bacteria per cubic centimeter on a dishwashing sponge, and we know that half of all internet reviews are fake. But we still believe them to be true and hold on to the sponge. Sure, we give our own brains 5 stars plus a smiley: "Delivered on time and the packaging is great".

But our brains only have a limited attention span and ... er ... what was I going to say? ... Oh yes: And yet we bombard it non-stop with news feeds and status updates, TikTok, Instagram and WhatsApp groups ... Facts here, fake news there, gut feeling, common sense ... and then?
Then you might end up in Bochum: in the media outpatient clinic for internet addicts, which is always overflowing when dreams start knocking on your cerebral cortex. And nobody opens the door.

So it's high time to postpone the climax, get to know yourself anew, invite yourself to a decelerated dinner and start with an extensive foreplay. Frowin invites everyone to join in.

Idea & book: Michael Frowin
Collaboration: Johannes Rehmann and Hans Holzbecher
Director: Hans Holzbecher

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