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Muse Karaoke

In the organizer's words:

Imagine: You and your crew are the stars of the evening, with no annoying strangers to disturb your vibes. That's exactly what the karaoke bar in Düsseldorf offers you, where you and your friends can book your own private box. Here you can be Beyoncé, Freddie Mercury and Justin Bieber in one room - and no one can stop you!

Not only are these boxes soundproofed (so no one can hear your epic missteps), but they're also equipped with the latest songs and the coolest lighting setup to make you feel like a rock star. So Muse Karaoke is the perfect place to unleash your inner pop star potential or just really let loose without anyone taking embarrassing videos of it. So, grab your best friends, book a box and let the party begin. In Düsseldorf, karaoke is being redefined - by you!

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Muse Karaoke Klosterstraße 81 40211 Düsseldorf

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