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Nina Chuba

by Rausgegangen - for you.
In the organizer's words:

It is simply impossible to imagine the German music scene without Nina Chuba. After the release of her single "NINA" on April 12, it is crystal clear to everyone that it will stay that way. Back with new music comes the next BIG NEWS: In the fall of 2025, Nina Chuba will bake some pretty big rolls and play her first arena tour!

Everyone has had her on their radar since her number 1 album GLAS. Whether it's "Glatteis" or "Mangos mit Chili", every track gets stuck in your head! Her versatility attracts millions of Spotify listeners every month.
The tour of the same name as the album sold out in no time at all. Tickets for her own open air shows went like hot cakes this year, as she played in front of 10,000 people at the Zitadelle Spandau, among other venues.

Anyone looking for her on festival line-ups this year will find her: Deichbrand, About You Pangea Festival, Taubertal-Festival, LIDO Sounds. You name it!

Nina Chuba is far from finished and is mixing things up again with the Arena Tour 2025. Before the start of her GLAS Tour 2024, it's clear that Nina is playing first fiddle and making dreams come true.

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