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No Rain!

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Goetheplatz / Theater am Goetheplatz

A mass event
Directed by Tom Ryser

"No Rain!" deals with the most important topics in life: weather and soccer. With "No Rain!", Theater Bremen celebrates a big get-together with solo singers, actors, Bremen Philharmonic Orchestra, band and community choirs: A professional choir meets an amateur choir, the Bremen Philharmonic meets a band, Handel meets Queen, battle cries meet arias, Led Zeppelin meets Carmina Burana, Mozart meets Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, rock meets classical music. Let's get loud! The performance will keep you, the audience, on the move as it takes place in three locations: On Goetheplatz, in the foyers and in the auditorium. At the entrance, you exchange your ticket for an umbrella, which in turn is your ticket to the theater. Here you will receive a token with which you can get a free drink in the theater during the interval. In the meantime, you will be accompanied and guided by the actors. There is free seating at all three venues. While soccer and fighting dominate on Goetheplatz, the hall is more contemplative. Here, the community is invoked in a large sound space in which you as the audience are right in the middle of it. Olé! Olé! Olé!

The ticket price includes 1 free drink.

Supported by the Football & Culture Foundation. Euro 2024

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Theater Bremen Goetheplatz 1-3 28203 Bremen

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