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Odonien Records Label Night Fr. 14.06. w/ Sahra Bass, Bach & Blüte, Ninsn, Daniel Sender, Ulla & Fabian Porter, NUAH, Laura, HYEENA

In the organizer's words:

Odonien Records Label Night.

This one, with a slower musical approach
and an all night long bus performance by @Hyeena
Sat. 14.06. 23:00-08:00

/w Slowrave, Dark Disco, Deep and Melodic Techno, Progressive House


Sahra Bass [Tipping Point | Berlin]


Sahra Bass is a DJ and part of the producerduo Bassara from Berlin, Germany. Her electronic stories are about how Sahra meets the bass and how they, hand in hand, come across some soulful harmonies to jointly set out for a journey of bounciness, grooviness and vibrancy. Deep, driving, bassy, and a lot of the times dark and dirty, emotionally charged music, located somewhere between Slowrave, Dark Disco and Deep/Melodic or Progressive House, accompanied by echoes of Tech House, Funk & Soul and Indie Dance.


Ninsn [Kopfüber | Berlin]


Started a few years ago in berlin with minimal psy techno ninsn is now passionately playing minimal and tech house. But she didn’t lose her tempo or her love for the spacey futuristic sounds. So what can you expect?
Strong deep bass lines combined with a housy atmosphere. Trippy breaks followed by a powerful drop. 


Bach & Blüte [Odonien Records | Cologne ]


Brutal board meets sweet melody. Tough announcement full of tender empathy. That's how you could describe the bandwidth of the two strategists. Bach & Blüte captivate on the floor with almost mystical presence: and just the authentic mix of perfect harmony and a good sound thrashing. Bach&Blüte found each other a good decade ago in the turmoil of the Odonien Free State in Cologne, whose inventory they remain to this day.


NUAH [Tipping Point | Cologne]


Discovering music production at 14, he quickly found his passion in the Bouncy Midtempo genre after experimenting with various musical styles. These explorations greatly influenced his unique production approach. In 2023, he marked his entry into the music world with his first three releases on 'down.' and 'Tipping Point' labels, showcasing his evolving talent. NUAH's DJ sets stand out for their uniqueness, born from dedicated hours spent at home with synthesizers, crafting custom parts of his sets. His performances, are experiences characterized by deep, resonant basslines, a hallmark of his own tracks.


Laura [Tiefgang Kollektiv | Cologne]


Laura prefers to play in the morning hours, where she tidies up the floor at the end of the party she tidies up the floor. With her slow but driving sound, she tickles the last bit of energy out of the the last bit of energy out of the tired legs. In the process snotty, bouncy and sometimes trashy. Creaky Slowtech mixed with downpitched Brazilian bass not only invites you to to dance, but also to twerk.


Ulla & Fabian Porter [Odonien Records | Cologne]


Having their musical roots in indie and blues music, both likes to create a blend of compelling melodies, groovy basslines and swing affected beats. While it is not possible to pinpoint their musical style to a specific genre, their sets always involve a distinct amount of dynamics and tension.


Daniel Sender [Odonien Records | Cologne]



Bus Bus Bus

Hyeena [Odonien Records | Planet Sauvage | Cologne]


Hyeena is a Live Performing & DJ duo from Cologne coming at you with a fast and forward take on club music. Distorted kicks, huge trance leads, and gabberesque sounds inspired by the dutch club sound & early hardcore scene. So far they have released on their own labels; Planet Sauvage & Odonien Records. Residency at Odonien and curatorship at Odonien Records.


If you are attending our Odonien Records events you consent to follow our house rules, as listed below.

Our House Rules (find the german translation below):

1. On all Odonien Records Label Nights we will cover the cameras on your smartphones. By doing that we want to ensure an enjoyable atmosphere for our guests, djs and staff.
2. Zero tolerance for racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, ableism, any kind of discrimination, violence, sexual misconduct or bullying.
3. Respect each other and respect yourself. Respect your limits and those of other people. Respect our staff and location.
4. If there is a problem, if you don’t feel safe or if you notice a person who needs help, please reach out: Talk to the people around you and inform the bar staff or bouncer at any time.

Wenn du unsere Veranstaltungen besuchst, erklärst du dich damit einverstanden, unsere Hausregeln zu befolgen, wie unten aufgeführt.

Unsere Hausregeln

1. Bei allen Odonien Records Label Nights werden die Kameras eures Smartphones abgeklebt. Damit wollen wir für unsere Gäste, DJs und Mitarbeiter*innen ein ungestörtes Partyerlebnis gewährleisten.
2. Keine Toleranz für Rassismus, Sexismus, Homophonie, Transphobie, Ableismus, jede Form von Diskriminierung, Gewalt, Sexuelle Belästigung oder Mobbing.
3. Respektiert einander und euch selbst. Respektiert eure Grenzen und die Grenzen Anderer. Respektiert unser Team und die Location.
4. Wenn es ein Problem gibt, wenn ihr euch bedroht fühlt oder ihr eine Person bemerkt, die Hilfe braucht, meldet euch: Informiert die Menschen um euch herum und wendet euch an unsere Barleute oder Türsteher*innen.

Price information:

16,50 €


Odonien Hornstraße 85 50823 Köln

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