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Oma wird verkauft

In the organizer's words:

Manfred Kummer and his son Karsten have a problem: their traditional funeral home is no longer running. Fortunately, Manfred's mother-in-law, the cantankerous Grandma Edith, is still around, and the family has to survive on her pension for many a month. So they have to rely on Grandma and put up with her moods for better or worse, until Edith gently drifts off to sleep in her TV chair one morning. What should Manfred and Karsten do now? To ensure that Grandma's pension continues to flow, the two men want to tell those around them that Edith is still alive. So the pensioner is quietly and secretly taken to the cold room of the funeral parlor until a suitable candidate is found with whom Grandma can be placed in the coffin.

But suddenly Werner Grube, the most successful mortician in town, turns up and wants to set his daughter Kerstin up with Karsten. The building authorities have been blocking Werner's construction of a crematorium for years, while the Kummers are the only ones in the town with their own crematorium. But the two young people refuse to be paired up even before they meet. Now the successful mortician is at his wit's end. The tide turns again when Werner accidentally learns that the Kummers' property does not belong to Manfred at all, but still belongs to Grandma Edith, whose death he of course knows nothing about. He therefore spontaneously offers Manfred the opportunity to take over the argumentative senior citizen for 75,000 euros. This lucrative offer is simply too tempting, and so Karsten finally comes up with the crazy idea of disguising himself as Grandma...

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