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The dream of the self

In its new production "Peer Gynt", the NN Theater Köln focuses on a work by the Norwegian poet Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906). Today, the dramatic poem is regarded as the "Norwegian Faust".

Peer is a farmer's son, young and playful. He detests work and deludes himself and others into believing a world that does not exist. Actually impoverished and lazy, he describes his home as a palace and his boredom as a great adventure. His life oscillates back and forth between desire and reality, between fantasy and fact. He creates stories, like stories for Instagram or TikTok today.

The "more appearance than reality" is increasingly becoming a problem, as more and more people become entangled in his web of lies. Pranks become outrages, fiction becomes dangerous fake news. What is still real, what is a fantasy?

Peer gets lost in the realm of trolls, becomes a slave trader, cheats and is cheated, hurries through deserts on other continents to escape from creditors, and finally even ends up in a mental hospital. Or was that just a dream?

Peer begins to ask himself: what kind of core is left after peeling the onion? Who am I, and if so, how many? Am I more than my story?

The NN Theater embarks on a refreshingly contemporary theatrical journey, exposing the colorful spinning of Peer Gynt.

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Bauspielplatz Friedenspark Hans-Abraham-Ochs-Weg 1 50678 Köln

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