Phoenix-See - Stahlwerk wird Naherholung - Tour mit deinem Smartphone

In the organizer's words:

Where a steelworks once stood, there is now a great local recreation area with a 1 km long artificial lake.

On this walk, you will get the best tips and ideas about Dortmund Hörde and the Phoenix Lake. Here you will be shown corners that not everyone knows and you will learn about the historical background of the lake area, where the Hermannshütte steelworks stood until 2001.

On the way, you will solve fun tasks, get ideas for fun challenges and "crack" little puzzles, just like on a scavenger hunt. For example, who knows who or what the Thomas pear is?

The tour is a great way to get outside and discover new things with friends, family or on your own.

It's like being shown the site of the former steelworks by a good friend.

The tour can be started at any time and again, on site or from home, in the browser of a smartphone.

Have fun at Dortmund's Phoenix Lake!

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Dortmund, Hörder Bahnhofstraße Hörder Bahnhofstraße 44263 Dortmund

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