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Planeten - Expeditionen durchs Sonnensystem

In the organizer's words:

Mars, Saturn, Jupiter - unmanned space probes have explored all the planets in our solar system and discovered exciting things. So we already know today what astronauts of the future could experience there. But no human has actually visited any of these worlds yet. It will be some time before human explorers go there.

Only in the planetarium can we experience these places today exactly as the space travelers of the future will see them. Explore the vast valleys and volcanoes of Mars, immerse yourself in the swirling clouds of the giant planet Jupiter and cross the rings of Saturn! The natural wonders of the solar system await you.

The underlying findings were provided by remote-controlled space probes that have explored planets, comets, icy moons, the dwarf planet Pluto and other celestial bodies in detail for the first time in recent years. "Cassini", a NASA probe, investigated the rings and icy moons of Saturn, ESA's "Rosetta" explored a comet, and NASA's "New Horizons" was the first visitor to travel from Earth to the dwarf planet Pluto - just three examples of the many space probe missions whose discoveries can now be experienced in the planetarium.

You can also listen to this show in English via the audio service. Live parts are not translated.

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Planetarium Hamburg Linnering 1 (Stadtpark) 22299 Hamburg

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