Grenzenlos: Pop-Up-Ausstellung des turtle magazin(e)

In the organizer's words:

Borders shape our lives. Lines that separate, demarcate, define and assign. Just as much a concept as a physical reality. But what is our relationship to borders? Where do we encounter borders? How do they limit or exclude us, where do people reach their limits? And where are we, do we think, do we feel boundless? The exhibition is an attempt to present and connect the reflections and explorations of young artists on (the lack of) borders.

Feeling borders, crossing borders, blurring and dissolving borders: The artworks show how young artists make borders visually and textually tangible, defy them and open up new perspectives. The artworks use different media to negotiate spatial, social and political boundaries as well as physical and psychological ones. Poems, short stories and essays inspire illustrations and encounter visual works such as graphics, video and photography.

The exhibition shows analog and virtual contributions from the 6th print edition of turtle magazin(e), across media boundaries. On the one hand, the process becomes visible, on the other hand the horizon of the print edition: we see sketches by the illustrators through to the finished graphic, the exchange between text and image as well as ideas for exhibition concepts that are only touched on in this context. Text and image raise questions that invite us to help shape them.

Visual artists: Julian Ortlieb, Lucia Bill, Hannah Guggenberger, Anne Einecke, Johannes Vogl, Radunkel, Eva Pabst and Wolfgang Pabst

Authors:inside: Florentine Illner, Myriam Barreto, Mario Schemmerl, Leo Hoffmann, Alicia Villanueva, Kristina Beck, Leonie Winter, Pit Strauch, Florian Kappelsberger, Christina König, Sofie Morin, Lara Wüster (excerpts)

Illustrator:inside: Peter le Schulz, Simona Slavova, Regina Schreiber, Laura Dietze, Dodo

The turtle magazin(e): being creative together

turtle magazin(e) is a young collective of artists from Munich and around the world. Founded in 2020 by Lara Wüster, turtle has evolved from an online magazine into an artistic community with a variety of creative projects. In addition to Lara Wüster, the core team now includes Sabrina Laue, Leonie Winter and Marleen Uebler. A print edition has been published annually since 2021, as well as an online magazine, workshops and creative events. In 2023, turtle magazin(e) hosted the SchreibResi of the Monacensia Munich and organized speaking and writing workshops, readings and panel discussions as well as writing sessions. After "very close", "invisible", "physical" and "light", the collective is focusing on the topic of "boundless" in the new edition.

Curation: Sabrina Laue

Editors of the 6th print edition of turtle magazin(e): Lara Wüster, Sabrina Laue, Leonie Winter, Marleen Uebler, Charlotte Rohde, Erik Klüssendorf-Mediger, Alicja Górecki

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