In the organizer's words:
We welcome you home: Konrad Wert aka Possessed By Paul James, quite simply one of the most sincere, intense and gifted musicians, storytellers and solo entertainers in the wide world of acoustic folk music.
Those who have been familiar with the work of the American Muddy Roots veteran and social worker for years need no further explanation.
And those who have not yet come into contact with the bard's grandiose underground folk can look forward to what's in store for them!
Minimal folk-like instrumental fiddle drones, wild and beautifully flowing uptempo violins, intoxicating banjo playing, enraptured a cappella gospel as in his most hauntingly performed folk songs about religious experiences and earthly relationships.
A concert by Possessed By Paul James is a religious awakening experience as well as practical life help, a spiritual experience and a handbook for the rollercoaster of life. The charismatic one-man-band-intensive musician's performance, bursting with sheer energy, makes emotional, intimate resonance chambers vibrate, detaches from this world and, in its most poignant moments, lets you float above the ground, presented in a form that restores the basic trust in American folk music even to those who have fallen the furthest away from faith.
In the world of Konrad Wert, everything is taken unadorned from life, harmonious melodies, the roughest distortions, dirt, suffering, strife, joy, the cries of your enemies, reconciliation, death and resurrection.
The true underground folk music of the seeker and driven man from Florida can change attitudes and views, give new food for thought, perhaps even lastingly and permanently. At least for a few days after a PBPJ live hurricane, you look at your fellow human beings more benevolently and focus on the really relevant things in life, far away from earthly tinsel and trinkets. Resolve all my demons...
Once again in this context, the excellent, semi-documentary film "The Folk Singer - A Tale Of Men, Music & America" by independent filmmaker M.A. Littler is highly recommended.
(text by gerhard emmer)
(PHOTO: Creator: Christophe Losberger Copyright: Christophe Losberger)
Armano is a barfly, a storyteller whose tales breathe the eternal haze of dark
paneled dives. At a time when the pubs were packed, the
singer from Oporto and the See See Riders sat down alone in front of the recording microphone for the first time.
The result is an almost forgotten sound in one-man-band style, clearly influenced
by American roots music and early country blues. Live, he is accompanied only
by his guitar and every now and then a number by the likes of Junior
Kimbrough or Charley Patton sneaks into the program. A Jesus at the bar, a bard almost
forgotten, a tireless plow horse in the service of the song.
Free admission - donations are expressly requested!
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