In the organizer's words:

Some people just always have something to tell. Everyone knows them. Ralf Senkel is known in his village like a colorful dog. And not only because of his incomparably "fashionable" jacket. His "occupational inactivity" gives him time to observe. That's why his stories are taken from everyday life, sometimes oblique, sometimes serious, but always astutely captured and unbelievably funny. Pointers as fine as a scalpel or as a hammer that catches you ice cold.
In terms of content, Ralf Senkel wanders between cabaret and comedy. Linguistically and with a large portion of Rhineland in his heart, he takes the audience with him into his world. Experience the no longer so secret insider tip of the comedy and cabaret scene in his first solo program.

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Price information:

from €17.37


Atelier Theater Roonstraße 78 50674 Köln

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