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REMIX. 800 Jahre Kunst entdecken

In the organizer's words:

From the Middle Ages to Art Nouveau

Paintings and sculptures from 800 years of fine art come together on 800 square meters - from medieval Romanesque to Art Nouveau. Highlights include works by Conrad von Soest, Caspar David Friedrich, Constantin Meunier, Anselm Feuerbach and Lovis Corinth. In period rooms, visitors immerse themselves in art history and experience how art reflects cultural and historical developments. Visitors can discover visualized views of life and the world: from the spiritual Middle Ages to the beginning of the Modern Age, which explored the outside world, to the retreat into the interior in Romanticism and Realism, which once again turned outward.

Compact and changeable

REMIX shows a piece of Central European art history in a compact overview. Until 2025, it will be reshuffled several times in order to explore the MKK's art collection in its entirety and to focus on ever new aspects - including photographs, prints and hand drawings.

In short audios, Christian Walda, art historian and curator of the exhibition, explains how art reflects people's lives and historical developments.

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Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte Hansastraße 3 44137 Dortmund

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