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Rio Reiser /TSS - Eine Hommage: Werkschor Auerweg: "Mein Name ist Mensch"

In the organizer's words:

"My name is human", a RIO JOURNEY with the WERKSCHOR AUERWEG, says about its Rio program:
"When we set about crafting a Werkschor program from Rio's music, we quickly realized that the treasure is far too big to be squeezed into one hour of singing. We would actually have to do two or three Rio Reisers programs, but a single one painfully leaves a lot by the wayside. It was perhaps a little sobering to realize that Rio Reiser was also a professional composer who produced almost on an assembly line. In the beginning he stocked the jukebox for the political left in Berlin with agit-rock protest songs, in the end he chased after his own successes and at all times also wrote masses of songs for theater projects, children's radio plays and other productions. He delivered what was asked of him at the push of a button. "A song every day" was his credo, according to his autobiography, even when he founded his first band at the age of 16. They are there, and not in short supply, these great moments with which he invented German rock music on a par with the British and Americans and then took it to ever new heights by looking deep into his own soul. Halt dich an deiner Liebe fest, Der Traum ist aus or Komm, schlaf bei mir ... there is hardly more emotion, attitude, honesty and insight that can be shown in a short three-minute pop song format. However, the choice was difficult and others would certainly have made a completely different decision. What made it into the rehearsal room in the end has grown on us more and more over time in the workshop's own arrangements. The reactions during and after rehearsals have become more enthusiastic and impressed from week to week, and often more shocked - precisely because so many songs have lost none of their topicality."

Afterwards: reading hour & chat at café:balou from 9 pm

After the WERKSCHOR AUERWEG concert, former members and friends of the band Ton Steine Scherben invite you to a chat. Short stories from the books about the band with very different perspectives will be told or read aloud. There will be space and time for conversations and questions about the lyrics and music of the Scherben, about the life of Rio Reiser and the musicians who accompanied him.

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Price information:

This is NOT a classic "hat concert" where artists finance themselves alone. With us, all artists receive their fee. The audience sets the admission price for the event.


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