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Robotik – Maschinen, die dienen

In the organizer's words:

Here are the robots! These are the machines that are supposed to relieve us of strenuous, dangerous or tedious monotonous work. Mankind has been dreaming of such servant automatons since ancient times. The idea is associated with hopes of greater prosperity, comfort and more humane working conditions, but also fears of job loss, poverty and heteronomy. The term "robot" was first mentioned in literature, in Karel Čapek's science fiction drama "R.U.R Rossum's Universal Robots" from 1920. Pop culture has strongly influenced our image of robots. However, most real robots have little in common with R2-D2, Baymax or the Terminator, as you can see in this exhibition.

Today, the "serving machines" are part of everyday life. The exhibition, designed as a virtual space, shows their use on various themed islands: in care and medicine, for example with a therapy robot; in the home with window-cleaning, vacuum-cleaning or barbecue-cleaning robots; in playing and learning with Lego Mindstorms, Furby and the like; in industry and in extreme environments, for example as explosive ordnance disposal, diving or delivery robots. In addition, the development and significance of machine servants are highlighted in the overarching categories of history, art & media, research and walking & grasping. And in the middle of it all, you can experience some of the collection's gems in action in an arena.

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