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In the organizer's words:

In a summer house by the sea, Eva and Jan, a young musician couple, live entirely for their art and their love. Meanwhile, the conflicts out in the world are escalating. A war is inexorably approaching and finally hits them right at their retreat. The external violence penetrates the couple's complicated intimacy and increasingly poisons their life together. Paralyzed by fear and panic, Eva and Jan are unable to act and take a clear stance in this new reality. Ashamed of their weakness, the darkest sides of their personality gain the upper hand.

What happens to people when any social context collapses? Ingmar Bergmann's powerful psychogram of a couple in a state of emergency was created in 1967/68 as a reaction to the accusation of being apolitical, to which the famous Swedish film and theater director was exposed in the course of the Vietnam War and the reappraisal of National Socialism.

Mattias Andersson, multi-award-winning Swedish playwright, director and artistic director of Stockholm's "Dramaten", rewrites Bergmann's screenplay for the present day. "Disgrace" is his first work at the Thalia Theater.

Soldier: Where do you belong? Whose side are you on?

Jan: I don't belong anywhere. We're musicians.

Duration: 1:30h, no break
World premiere January 19, 2024, Thalia Gauss

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Thalia in der Gaußstraße Gaußstraße 190 22765 Hamburg

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