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Fun Facts, Schnitzeljagd & Stadtführung mit deinem Smartphone

In the organizer's words:

This tour is just right for you if you are new to the city or think you already know everything there is to know about Bremen.

Discover Bremen around the market square with this self-guided city tour and scavenger hunt. A tour past many of the city's famous sights. But not a classic sightseeing tour, you follow clues, solve puzzles and learn interesting and funny stories about Bremen.

The tour starts on the market square and takes you to the city's most important sights. From Roland to the town hall, past the Ratskeller, visit the Bremen Town Musicians and then learn about an old cemetery, bunkers and a disco.

Continue to the Beinkeller and the Spuckstein before visiting St. Peter's Cathedral and the Bible Garden. You will find out what the Bremer Loch is and how many dogs there are in Bremen, before strolling through Böttcherstraße to the Weser.

The tour can be started at any time and again, on site or from home, in the browser of a smartphone.

Have fun in Bremen!

The tour is available in German and English.

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Bremer Marktplatz Am Markt 28195 Bremen

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