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SHOWING Double Bill: Daniel Smith – .dencuentro – Bully | Portalén

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Daniel Smith | .dencuentro
SHOWING Double Bill: Bully | Portalén


An insight into an ongoing project. It's about the lasting effects of bullying, childhood experiences and social dynamics on adult lives and relationships. This is particularly true for members of the LGBTIQ* community and those who do not conform to perceived gender norms. We grapple with the dichotomy between philanthropy and revenge. Alongside fragmented identities - one based on shame, the other exaggerated and inflated - we look for humor in suffering and vice versa. Our journey began in Düsseldorf, where a week of exploration and community workshops ignited our creative spark and drew on our real-life stories to shape our narrative. After a short second phase of creative work, we are excited to present this work to you in an embryonic state.

20-30 minutes

Supported by Demokratie Leben! Düsseldorf, City of Düsseldorf


Daniel Smith has been working as a freelance choreographer/performer/educator in Düsseldorf since 2022. He has created works for the dancers of the Ballett am Rhein and for various projects in Düsseldorf in different site-specific performances. He has also created pieces in other cities in Germany, such as in an ongoing collaboration with the Werkraum in Göttingen, where he will create a new work in fall 2024. Prior to his work as a choreographer, Daniel was a soloist with Ballett am Rhein until June 2022.


Choreography Daniel Smith

Performers Valentina Restrepo Giraldo, Jonathan Reimann, Daniel Smith

Dramaturgy Marvin Wittiber

Music Yoav Bosidan


In their research project Portalén, the .Dencuentro dance collective explores pagan knowledge, witchcraft stories and today's subcultures of self-proclaimed witches in Germany and northern Spanish Galicia. By learning traditional dances and songs and the practices of modern witch cults, the three dancers and choreographers develop their own artistic practice under the musical direction of Britta Tekotte, with which they reflect the cultural and spiritual diversity in Europe through body, movement and voice.


Dencuentro is a dance collective consisting of the three dancers Amanda Romero Canepa, Constanza Javiera Ruiz and Greta Salgado Kudrass. They are all rooted in South America and have been living and creating in NRW for 10 years.


Collective Amanda Romero Canepa, Constanza Javiera Ruiz, Greta Salgado Kudrass

Music Britta Tekotte

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