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Siiri - A captivating voice and her touching songs Siiri lives with her family on a forest farm in the middle of the idyllic Sauerland countryside. Here she helps her parents manage the forest and also looks after the animals on the farm. This nature-loving environment shapes her personality and her music in a unique way. Siiri's deep passion for music was already apparent in her early years. She discovered her love of Americana and country music, playing the guitar and her talent for polyphonic singing. These passions remain with her to this day and are reflected in her music. As a musician, Siiri and her music create a magnetic attraction for her audience. The response from her listeners is overwhelming and testifies to her extraordinary ability to convey emotion through her music. Siiri's songs are living stories. Her touching songs reflect her own experiences and observations. They tell of the highs and lows of country life, the importance of equality and inner peace. Since September 2022, music lovers have been able to experience these captivating stories in her first album "Independence", which has received rave reviews from fans and critics alike. Siiri is undoubtedly an artist of extraordinary talent and empathy whose music touches the hearts and souls of listeners. Her voice and her songs are a musical journey to be experienced.

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Freilichtbühne Wattenscheid Parkstraße 50 44866 Bochum

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