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Can images enlighten and change the world? How does photography and sculpture relate to violence, to experiences of oppression, separation and loss? The new exhibition "So much Love and Compassion" in the Villa of the Alexander Tutsek Foundation shows from 17.03.2023 works as a public conversation about things that have taken place in secret. They tell of suffering and at the same time of the power to resist, of love and compassion.

Two female artists are presented, both of whom suffered under the terror of the military dictatorship in Argentina (1976-1983). Silvia Levenson , then 23 years old, fled with her husband and two children. Adriana Lestido, whose husband was kidnapped and disappeared forever, remained in the country. Levenson discovered glass as a material while in exile in Italy, and Lestido picked up a camera. Sergey Melnitchenko from Southern Ukraine represents with his photographic oeuvre a different generation, a different country and different political circumstances. And yet he fits well into this context because he, too, engages with the relationship of mother and child.

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