St. Pauli Queertour - 100 Jahre Pride auf St. Pauli

In the organizer's words:

For many decades, St. Pauli was Hamburg's unconventional suburb, harbor and entertainment district. People who were not wanted within the city walls gathered here. The LGBTQI+ community also felt welcome here - where the merchant's daughter could dance with the sailor, even same-sex couples on the dance floor were nothing disreputable.

This tour of the district is about the persecution of the queer community during the times when Paragraph 175 was still in force - many biographies behind stumbling blocks tell stories about this. On the other hand, the community found creative loopholes, established meeting places and resisted discrimination. Queer people were and are active in sex work, as landlords and as artists and have made a difference in St. Pauli. We take a look at queer places of nightlife culture from the last hundred years to the present day and stop for a drink in Hamburg's oldest gay bar.

Who can best introduce you to the district and the neighborhood? The answer can only be People from here! That's why all St. Pauli neighborhood tours are led by local residents. Because we all have one thing in common: we love this district and want to share its unique flair with you.

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St. Pauli Office Wohlwillstraße 1 20359 Hamburg

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