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Super, Danke!

In the organizer's words:

Great, thank you!

(Maybe) the solution to all your problems, but definitely a good evening.

with Ariane Alter and Linda Becker.

Life is a pain - but life also has the best stories.

Did your best friend's cat escape while house-sitting? Pen pal relationship with a prisoner? Or the fear of flying death?

Super, thank you! is about the many uncertain moments in life when you ask yourself: what was that all about? Was that actually okay or totally wrong? How can I ever get out of this situation?

Ariane Alter and Linda Becker listen to your stories and think about how you can get out of it. Pain becomes "pain aux chocolate".

All anonymous, of course! Feel free to bring a story or just listen.

Sometimes it will be funny, sometimes emotional, sometimes serious, but it will always be entertaining.

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Milla Club Holzstraße 28 80469 München

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