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Tausend & ein Talk - Die Migra Late-Night

At Tausend & Ein Talk - Die Migra-Late-Night, we talk in a relaxed and humorous way about topics that affect people with a migration history and give people without a migration history an insight into the migrant world.
Our aim is to discuss clichés and take a look at them: What is nonsense and what is really true? All with a dash of humor and heart. Just like a real late-night show. We also show how diverse the world of migrants is and where our similarities lie. And: how German we sometimes are! More than we think...

Tausend & Ein Talk wants to clear up prejudices and create space for networking. This talk show is for anyone who wants to talk and learn more about the world of migrants. Let's get together, talk, laugh and reconnect.

On 12.07. we go into the second round. Topic: How do two cultural identities influence life in Germany? The topic will be based on current debates that we are all currently experiencing and that are causing us all concern.

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