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In the organizer's words:

TIAVO are not Neue Neue Deutsche Welle. They make waves. Above all live: TIAVO is a pop party for people who don't know what to do with pop. A charged atmosphere like in a beer tent between a bumper car and a shooting range. And an energy that you can perhaps only feel in the stands of your favorite club at a local derby. Hoarse, drenched in sweat and with a proper beer flag.

In other words: TIAVO are the village festival personified. They come across like the

song at the end of the evening, when your strength has almost left you and you want to

and you have to shout your worries to the world with one last, loud-voiced roar.

TIAVO may not want to convert you to the light side of the force, but they are the end of the whining and the beginning of a very wild ride: Always carrying the lyrical counter wisdom of their German-language evergreens. Always packaged with not quite sober sounds - between indie guitars and synth beats that already had something totally wicked about them in the eighties. And, of course, with a good dose of pure madness.

Why you have to experience this at one of their concerts? Because TIAVO talk about sad topics

with a tired wink. They create moments between the rattling

of slot machines and full ashtrays. TIAVO are the end of dreariness. And the beginning of... Well, you know. A really good time. So: step up and buy a ticket. You can only win.

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Milla Club Holzstraße 28 80469 München

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