Triumph des Todes oder Das große Massakerspiel

In the organizer's words:

Triumph of Death or The Great Massacre Play

by Eugène Ionesco

  • Wed
  • 12.06
  • 19.30h

"Citizens and citizens! For some time now, an unknown evil has been spreading in our city!" A mayor begins his serious speech with these words. The "evil" in question is a pandemic from which there seems to be no escape.

The drama takes its course ... In various independent scenes, a dynamic unfolds in which the codes of civilization increasingly erode - revealing what they are supposed to keep in check ...

In this work (first performed in 1970), Ionesco once again proves the timelessness of his themes as well as the dramaturgical mastery with which he realizes them. His theater is sharp-witted, bitterly wicked, subversive, sparkling and lively, and aims with black humor.

And existential questions are always present. Not loudly, rather hesitantly or haltingly. But urgently: Is that all mankind has to offer? Could there be signs?

With the IonesCompany: Waltraut Borchmann, Martin Wichmann, Jeanne Schehrer, Susann Fanieng, Judith Gorgass, Nils Paskarbies, Étienne Gillig, Carola Wandt, Momi von Fintel, Dominik Roeske, Pierre Écureuil, Bogdan Tolj, Sofia Mavrangelidou

Director: Sabine Fahrenholz

Music: Marco Klimm, Christoph Reiserer, Hans Wolf

Photography and design: Irina Pasdarca

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