PHOTO: © Haus der Kunst, 2023 Foto: Maximilian Geuter

TUNE. Jim C. Nedd. Recuerdos II (Memories II)

In the organizer's words:

Recuerdos II is a new sound installation by artist Jim C. Nedd, commissioned by Haus der Kunst for the Terrassensaal, where it will be installed from 27.4.-29.10.24.

Jim C. Nedd is a photographer, artist and musician with roots in Colombia and Italy. In his work Recuerdos II , he explores the powerful connection between sound and memory. This work serves as a companion piece to his debut monograph Remembering Songs and creates an acoustic representation of his photographic art by creating an environment of field recordings and snippets of music from the street, supported by sound engineer Pablo Martinez.

In his photography, Nedd draws from the local mythologies of Colombia's Caribbean coast, capturing scenes of acoustically charged environments where the everyday and the theatrical exist simultaneously. Between the ecstasies of celebration, he creates intimate portraits, often shrouded in striking shadows.

Both the visual and aural elements convey memories of rapture and tragedy that linger long after the moment - moments shared by couples, crowds and in conjunction with the natural environment.

"In fact, my photography is already infused with music and sound. I am obsessed with creating images that can suggest what sound might be heard around the image, be it absolute silence or the noise at verbenas and parrandas (communal gatherings or parties)," says Jim C. Nedd, describing his artistic work.

Nedd comes from a long line of singers, composers and accordion players who carry on the tradition of vallenato music, a popular Colombian folk music genre. Vallenato songs reflect the full emotional spectrum of the people of the region, using European instruments such as the accordion, African percussion and indigenous instruments such as the guacharaca. For Nedd, these songs are signposts to remember events, celebrations, joys and disasters.

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Haus der Kunst Prinzregentenstraße 1 80538 München

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