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The Improv Comedy Night

Improv Comedy: The most honest form of comedy! When games or scenes take unprepared comedians by surprise and the whole room laughs. Because the comedians have to create jokes spontaneously from what is thrown at them.

100% improv, everything on this evening only happens once in this room. The improv practice stage from Urban Comedy, be there and laugh yourself happy. We try out new games, innovative ideas and interactions with the audience. Free admission! Admission 19h Start 20h

You can still feel the wrinkles in your face glowing with laughter - that was just too funny. The three comedians on stage look just as unkempt as unemployed drama students whose mum has turned off the tap. But they obviously don't give a shit. The only thing on their minds is the excitement of not knowing what will be asked of them next. Because there is no script, nothing they can rely on, the spotlight and all eyes are on them expectantly. Only their creativity in the next few seconds will decide: Embarrass or kill - because those are the only options. The smirking voice of your cheeky seatmate calls onto the stage: "The answer is 'Aids' - what was the question?" The whole room rumbles and laughs, the comedians look at each other, grinning, but with a look that simultaneously asks: "Have you got something?" One of them gets shiny eyes, gathers his courage, steps forward to the microphone stand and waits until the still whispering room is quiet. Expectant silence in the room, nobody has any idea what might come next. With a mischievous but slightly unsettled look, he leans towards the microphone and says: "The question is: why haven't we heard a new album from Queen for a long time?"

The hall goes wild. Relieved beams of joy replace the uncertainty on his face and the other comedians pat him on the back as they double over with laughter in disbelief.

This is improv comedy, an experience that simply only works live. No video, and especially not this text, can even begin to capture what an evening like this feels like. An art form made for live. Moments that only happen in the moment and can only be experienced if you were there. An evening full of good humor to take home with you, which will put you to sleep with a grin tonight and which you will try to tell your friends about. However, you will always realize: Must have been there. Bring your homies next time and they'll understand.

Munich subculture, the second largest stand-up comedy scene in Germany, on its way to the top. You were there and experienced the stars of tomorrow, in the new home of stand-up comedy, in the living room where it all began. This is the Urban Comedy Club, this is the Improv Comedy Night.

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Free admission, registration at Ticketlink


sehrwohl Café & Bar Westendstraße 66 80339 München

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Urban Comedy Club
Urban Comedy Club Speicherstraße 22 81671 München

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