In the organizer's words:

"With my pictures I want to convey a feeling of calm, a psychological recovery and at the same time show the complete insignificance of the individual." Reiner Heidorn

Paintings of microscopically small elements. Various shades of green and blue are arranged fluidly on the canvas in gentle transitions. They suggest forests, lakes, plants and even entire, self-contained worlds. Reiner Heidorn's artistic work is part of a contemporary discourse on current social issues such as climate change and the alienation of humans from their natural environment.

The desire to unite with nature and even dissolve into it - Reiner Heidorn gives form and color to this idea. Over the years of his work, he has developed his very own painting technique and given it a name - "Dissolutio", which means disappearance. His paintings focus on unspectacular botany and deal with nature and plants. To this end, the artist uses microscope images of plant cells, fresh water and chlorophyll. An overall picture emerges from thousands of small and precise dots of color. The infinite pointillism of these universes is reflected in Heidorn's depiction of nature, without depicting realistic landscapes or plants. He sees his work as an antithesis to the prevailing, unchecked economic growth. It is a reminder that the individual is a truly insignificant part of a global society.

About the artist

Reiner Heidorn lives and works in Weilheim, Bavaria. In his oversized and mostly monochrome paintings, the painter explores the relationship between man and nature. Heidorn's works have been shown in exhibitions in Brazil, Dubai, the USA and various German and European cities.
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Price information:

Free admission for under 18s. Adults require a day ticket for admission to the garden (incl. greenhouses): regular €5.50, reduced €4.


Botanischer Garten München-Nymphenburg Menzinger Straße 65 80638 München

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