PHOTO: © Manon de Boer (*1966) / Latifa Laâbissi (*1964) Ghost Party (2), 2022 (Still) HD-Video, 4:3, Französisch (englische Untertitel), BE / FR, 58 Min. © Courtesy Jan Mot gallery and the artists

untranquil now

In the organizer's words:

A CONSTELLATION OF NARRATIVES AND RESONANCES: Artistic gestures, configurations and projections, as well as performances and events

The aim of untranquil now is to draw attention to artworks, figures and events that allow for a complexity in which bodies and forms of perception become the driving force of contradictory states and moving stories. In the process, configurations of power are defused and imagination is released from lifeless realms to explore heterogeneous narratives. The artistic gestures and performative processes focus on a creative breakthrough in the world. By presenting a network of historical resonances or coincidences - fed by a variety of milieus and experiences of sensory, spatial, psychophysical, political and social circumstances - the exhibition establishes links to memory and intimacy. The exhibition brings historical sediments to the surface, where they unfold their effect. In this way, the exhibition evokes "contrapuntal consciousness" (Edward Said) in varying degrees of intensity. It shows how art does justice to its eventfulness by attempting to recreate art's own intense potential.

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Hamburger Kunsthalle Glockengießerwall 5 20095 Hamburg

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