In the organizer's words:

The queer party of the Catonium

Hey folks,

Welcome to the queer party at Catonium! Your host Leela (crasylive) invites you to a colorful and diverse night that is open to all genders and identities. Whether you're trans, crossdresser, kinky dancer, BDSM lover, free spirit, gay, lesbian, straight, pansexual, genderqueer or if you're still finding your identity - you've come to the right place.

Here is a brief overview of what awaits you:


Our DJ Copella will get you dancing with the best hits of the last 40 years. From all-time classics to one-hit wonders, there's something for every mood. Do you have any song requests? Just let us know in advance!

In addition, our guest DJ Lou will once again be spinning her driving EDM for 1-2 hours according to the motto "from the scene for the scene".

**Glamor for everyone

For our cross-dressers (and anyone else who wants to), there will once again be a clothes rack with beautiful ball gowns that you can borrow for the evening. Our professional photographer Miu will also be there to take your pictures.


Ever heard of Japanese trap beat? No? Then let yourself fall... in ropes... wrapped, hard or soft... in the cozy corner in our ShibariBar in the Gothic. Have you always wanted to try out ropes? Whether service rigging or jewelry bondage. A first short introduction to the art of rope ... our team around TT_Kiel will help you with the first knotting between 10 pm and 2 am.

**BDSM Wonderland

BDSM lovers can indulge their passions in the Romanesque.

We stand for tolerance and respectful coexistence. Our security officer Tamarilla ensures that everyone can party safely. You will recognize her by her uniform and she is always available for you.


- Be wild and bold and wonderful

- do what you like and show us that you have respect for everyone.

- Please make sure that you don't get too close to anyone without being asked.

The community sticks together, celebrates together and is happy together... that is our wish!

**House rules:**

- Keep your distance from players!

- No unauthorized touching - ask beforehand!

- Absolute ban on cell phones!

- No glasses in the romance

All sexual and auto-erotic acts, even at a distance, which do not take place with the express consent of all persons involved and/or to which no invitation has been given, are to be refrained from

Small appetites are catered for (no large buffet)!

**Dress code:**

Be wild, bold and wonderful. Flashy, elegant, kinky - everything is allowed, just no street clothes please. Let your creativity run wild!

We look forward to an unforgettable night with you!

Your Leela and the Catonium team

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Price information:

26 in the VKK 35 at the B.O.


Catonium Försterweg 163 22525 Hamburg


Catonium Hamburg

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