Bauernmarkt Kolpingplatz

In the organizer's words:

Since 2004, the Rhineland Farmers' Markets have stood for regional marketing in Düsseldorf. The advantages are short transport routes, less impact on the environment, gentle cultivation methods and artisanal processing, as well as securing jobs in the region. Especially in the city, where food for most people comes packaged from the supermarket and everything is available at any time, a market with regional and seasonal goods is something special.

The success proves the idea of the Agenda 21 project right: Especially the freshness, the good taste, reasonable prices as well as the friendly and competent service appeal to many Düsseldorfers.

The first market on the Friedensplätzchen in Bilk was soon followed by three more Rhineland farmers' markets in Düsseldorf, each with one or two market days per week. In June 2016, the market in Heerdt on Hanns-Heuer-Platz on Schießstraße offered goods from the region for the first time.

All markets have their own assortment; at all of them, local farmers present top-quality products from a maximum radius of 80 km. The proximity guarantees freshness, responsible production methods and convincing quality. At the stand, if needed, there is comprehensive advice on production and possible uses. On offer are fruits, vegetables, flowers, eggs, cheese, bread, meat and fish as well as flowers - from the region for the region.


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Kolpingplatz Pempelfort Düsseldorf

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