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Wolf unter Wölfen

In the organizer's words:

It is the year of inflation, 1923. Wolfgang Pagel is a war returnee without a profession, his girlfriend Petra Ledig a former casual prostitute. Now they both want to get married. When the money is missing on the morning of the wedding, the desperate Wolfgang is driven into the demimonde of crazy, over-the-top interwar Berlin. He hopes to win big in an illegal casino and meets old war buddies.

"Wolf Among Wolves" is an exuberant portrait of society, set in the reeling "Babylon" Berlin and on a debt-ridden country estate in a state of emergency. People are brutalized by the war, mass unemployment and the frenzy of money, which continues to be printed. There is even an attempted coup by a paramilitary right-wing organization against the German government. And so the title of the novel alludes to the philosopher Thomas Hobbes' statement: homo homini lupus - man is a wolf to man.
Director Luk Perceval has already successfully adapted several of Hans Fallada's novels for the stage. With "Little Man - What Now?" (Münchner Kammerspiele) and "Jeder stirbt für sich allein" (Thalia Theater), he was invited to the Berlin Theatertreffen. After a long break, he returns to the Thalia Theater to continue his exploration of Fallada together with the ensemble.

Premiere January 18, 2024, Thalia Theater

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Thalia Theater Alstertor Alstertor 20095 Hamburg

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