In the organizer's words:

YĪN YĪN 's new record "Mount Matsu" is deeply influenced by the imaginative sound waves of the cosmos and Japan's secular music culture, reflecting a chaotic environment full of influences that are slowly coming into focus. Infectious, strangely harmonious and highly energetic, the record is also the band's first, the result of a truly democratic process between four musician friends. "Mount Matsu" will occupy one of the top spots on the playlists of all those who are fascinated by warm and psychedelic disco sounds, fat global funk, electronics and tribal experiments.

The songs on "Mount Matsu" were created - for the first time in YĪN YĪN's career - by all band members together. "Art and ideas are personal and valuable, and the process of really doing this together was about more than just producing an album. It was also a study in how collectives work," notes Remy, bassist for YĪN YĪN since day one. "It's sometimes hard to see how your artistic ideas are challenged in a group, but we're very proud of the result. When you really create together, literally every sound on a record is tested and thought through. We decided to use vocals sparingly, which leaves a lot of room for the imagination of the listener: You can really let your imagination run wild while you listen and dance to it. The creation process felt like the arduous but very satisfying climb up a mountain, hence the title of the record: Mount Matsu."

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Stadion der Träume (im FatCat) Rosenheimer Str. 5 81667 München

Location | Concert Hall

Fat Cat im Gasteig
Fat Cat im Gasteig Rosenheimer Straße 5 81667 München

Organizer | Festival

Stadion der Träume
Stadion der Träume Rosenheimer Straße 5 81667 München

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