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Welcome To My House-Tour
Guests: NOISY, Mimi Barks

YONAKA bring a real genre beast with pop elements, fat hip-hop beats, angry punk rap and nu-metal to the stage. On March 16, the Brits will present their latest EP "Welcome to My House" at Im Wizemann in Stuttgart.

When YONAKA take to the stage, they gather a millennial rock audience of the friendliest kind around them. With catchy melodies, an energetic rock attitude and an insane vocal power, the Brits captivate a fanbase who are sure to be reminded here and there of some of their favorite bands from the old days such as Limp Bizkit, Paramore, Rage Against The Machine or the punky chanting of Bonaparte.

But these are by no means the only influences that YONAKA combine in their music: Their sound is never consistent, the only guideline they have is their feelings. In their songs, the trio particularly like to explore themes of mental health and self-determination. After their outstanding second album "Seize the Power", YONAKA welcome all fans to get to know their emotional world with their latest EP "Welcome to My House". Lead singer Theresa Jarvis explains that each song represents a memory of her respective feelings and that she metaphorically wants to open a door to show the audience which songs meant what to her at which time of her life.

Catch-up date for March 16, 2024 - tickets remain valid

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Im Wizemann Quellenstraße 7 70376 Stuttgart


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Music Circus Concertbüro Charlottenplatz 17 70173 Stuttgart

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