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In the festival's words:

In February 2023, the Komische Oper Berlin will give the starting signal for Schall&Rausch - the new, annual festival for brand-new music theater. On the site of the former Kindl brewery in Berlin-Neukölln - between the Vollgut warehouse within walking distance, KINDL - Center for Contemporary Art and SchwuZ Queer Club - Schall&Rausch invites you to celebrate burning issues and experimental music with pop-cultural glitz and glamour.

Unafraid of melodies, beats and strobes, the Komische Oper Berlin brings the music theater to glow for ten days. Performance meets concert, professional meets amateur, local meets international, musician and director Schorsch Kamerun meets Chinese artist Tianzhuo Chen, Belgian performer and director Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe meets artists from the South African Centre for the Less Good Idea , founded by William Kentridge, to dare the balancing act between experiment and pop, depth and sparkling surface, in good Komische Oper tradition.

Schall&Rausch pulses with the rhythm of the present and scratches at the plaster of musical theater. It provides a glimpse of a possible future for the genre and at the same time of the upcoming renovation period, during which the Komische Oper Berlin will leave its main house and perform at various venues around the city. With Schall&Rausch it ventures a big step out into the city!

Festival team
Artistic Director: Rainer Simon; Dramaturgy: Julia Jordà Stoppelhaar; Artistic Production Manager: Ada Felicitas Lange; Technical Production Manager: Anja Lawrenz; Assistance: Rebecca Undine Schettler

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