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Wine bottles as far as the eye can see! This is what awaits you in a former corner pub in the middle of the Kreuzviertel. Well, little is left of the gastronomy. But where the bar used to stand is now the wine bar of Cabernet & Co.

For over 20 years, you'll find selected wines there - mainly from Europe and directly from the winemaker. What impressed us: There's an insane range of Portuguese wines and port.

You need a little advice? Are you unsure about choosing the right wine or just want to talk a little about taste, winery or ... label design? Then Arnd and his team are the right people for you. We could not get enough of the sometimes really extraordinary labels of the bottles. And Arnd can tell us something about almost every one - and the corresponding winery. He has been working with some of the wineries for many years.

But wine should first and foremost taste good and not just look good. In the assortment of Cabernet & Co. you are guaranteed to find something to your taste!

How about, for example, a new trend - the Pet Nat? Ever heard of it? "Pet Nat" comes from "Pétillant Naturel" and means "naturally sparkling". It is a type of sparkling wine that is currently on the rise.

When there is no global pandemic, you can sit down with a bottle of wine in the small outdoor area of the store and enjoy the atmosphere of the beautiful Kreuzviertel. In addition, there are regular events such as winemaker evenings or the wine picnic. At the latter, you buy the drinks at Cabernet & Co. but are allowed to bring your own food. So prepare a cheese platter, antipasti or some other delicacy, don't forget a baguette or ciabatta and off you go to Arnd.

Speaking of delicacies: In Cabernet & Co. there is always a small, changing assortment of things that you can snack super with the delicious wines - such as olives, aioli, the finest salami, tasty fish preserves and and and ....

But take a look for yourself and let Arnd and his team take you into the world of wines!

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