Küchenreise by Asterios
PHOTO: © Marie-Christin Richter

Küchenreise by Asterios

Reisen geht durch den Magen

In the location's words:

Born on the outskirts of the Ruhr, his family moved back with him to his native Greece in Halkidiki. From there, Asterios left as a young man to become a chef and see the world. He has traveled to over 100 countries and cooked professionally in 19 of them - ultimately coming back to the Pott and opening a restaurant in Dortmund.

So traveling and cooking are the central pillars in Asterios' life. And so the name of the restaurant in Dortmund was obvious: "Küchenreise by Asterios".

German cuisine with influences from all over the world

The delicious and inventive dishes are clearly influenced by these travels: Asterios combines classic German cuisine with influences from around the world. Spätzle, potato mash and his good mushroom sauce are just as much on the menu as couscous, tomato chutney and chorizo.

All dishes have a certain twist. Asterios' strategy is that he doesn't cook from recipes, but brings together different components. The menu is very small in order to guarantee freshness. Numerous dishes are vegetarian, and there is also a lot of fish and fresh pasta.

With a lot of time, coziness and heart and soul

He launched his "Kitchen Journey by Asterios" in 2021 together with Regina, with whom he had previously lived and cooked in Greece for ten years. She makes the wine list, also assists in service, advises guests on the right choice from the menu and explains the dishes and the context to them. The team takes a lot of time to do this - and the visitors should do the same when they eat: they should enjoy the food in all comfort and sit quietly together for a long time - from summer 2022 also in the new large outdoor area.

It is tangible that everyone here is putting their heart and soul into it. "I've arrived after a long journey... and I'm letting you share," Asterios explains his culinary concept, but also his human approach. "My heart is in the right place, just like the people here in the Pott."

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