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Der Wandel im Unionviertel schwäbisch interpretiert

In the location's words:

One of our favorite restaurants in Dortmund, Labsal, is located on Rheinische Straße. If you take a seat there, you can enjoy the view of the Dortmunder U. Or you can look around and let this place take effect on you. We have fallen in love with the interior of the small, fine store. Homey, warm, rustic and modern at the same time, the small Swabian restaurant comes across.

Classics and exotics

Florian and Jessy, the couple behind the concept, together with their team serve traditional Swabian classics such as delicious Käss'spätzle or a juicy onion roast, but dishes from completely different countries are also interpreted here in a contemporary way. This results, for example, in creations such as "Swabian summer rolls"- an absolute must-try!

Regional and handmade

Everything that is served at Labsal is homemade. The meat and eggs come from the organic certified Schultenhof in Dortmund. If everything is not always available there, they fall back on the natural butchery Kranefoer from Waltrop. The focus at Labsal is therefore on both high-quality and regional ingredients - and you can taste it! The dishes are prepared and served with a lot of love. And there is always something for veggies as well as vegans.

A refreshment at home

At Lockdown, the team not only won the popular Falstaff Award for the"Best Pick-up Service NRW" and spoiled numerous Dortmund residents with their "Labsal Dahoim", but also set up a pop-up store called "GlückGlück". A wine bar where you can get the wine recommended that best suits your taste and either take it home or simply enjoy it right there. And so the Labsal has become a real insider tip when it comes to natural wine.

Matching wine accompaniment

On the menu are matching wine recommendations, which are lovingly selected and matched by the team. And what can we say? So far, we have not been disappointed once. Jessica and Florian pick up the finest droplets directly from the winemakers* and can also tell a story about each wine. The special thing: Here you don't have the feeling that you have to know a lot about wine. The team is more interested in finding out what you like than in impressing you with expert knowledge (which, by the way, they do in a very casual and down-to-earth way ;-)).

Followers as travel companions

The couple always brings back exciting surprises to Dortmund from their regular short trips (that's what we call a cool job) from growing regions like the Palatinate, but also Rheinhessen or Piedmont and Tuscany. They also regularly take their community there on social media - be sure to check it out!

Swabians in Dortmund

But why Swabian cuisine at all? Well, Jessica and Florian, who was born in Swabia, simply missed it here in Dortmund. That's why the two thought, "Why don't we just make it ourselves?" True to the motto: "Want it? Do it!

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