Museum Schnütgen
PHOTO: © Museum Schnütgen / Kim Mildebrath

Museum Schnütgen

Kunst des Mittelalters

In the location's words:

The Museum Schnütgen houses a precious collection of medieval works of art in one of Cologne's oldest churches. Many of them are worth the trip alone, such as the radiant Parler bust, the expressive crucifix of St. George or the unique so-called Heribert's comb, a filigree ivory carving.

The spectrum of the exhibition ranges from wood and stone sculptures to precious goldsmith art and stained glass to rare ivories and textiles.

A special feature of the museum is its largest exhibition room, which is itself over 1000 years old: the silence and aura of the Romanesque Cäcilienkirche and the special closeness to the objects invite visitors to experience the works of art in their spiritual radiance and beauty.

Special exhibitions are held regularly.


The Museum Schnütgen displays art from the Middle Ages: 2,000 works of treasure art made of bronze, silver, gold and ivory, about 1,100 wooden sculptures, around 800 Romanesque and Gothic stone sculptures, 250 liturgical vestments and thousands of fabrics from late antiquity to the 20th century, as well as an extraordinary collection of stained glass. The centerpiece of the museum is the church of St. Cecilia, built in the 12th century.

"Shrines and Stones from St. Pantaleon."

In the Museum Schnütgen, the Romanesque churches of St. Pantaleon and St. Cäcilien enter into a dialogue via loans. On display are two precious golden reliquaries from St. Pantaleon as well as three fragments of stone sculptures that once adorned the west façade of the church. "Museum Schnütgen richly endowed" For the second time this year, the Museum Schnütgen received an important work of art as a donation from private ownership: a colorfully painted oak figural group of Saint Anne Selbritt. It was produced around 1500 in one of the two leading sculptor's studios in Cologne at the time.

"Franka Hörnschemeyer - Plaster Fire Protection."

The sound work is based on the artist's book of the same name, compiled from fragmented architectural plans. The artist has developed an audio work from the inscriptions on the plans. In the spoken version, a word from it resounds every 22 seconds at three sound stations in the museum.

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