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The Quarterback Immobilien Arena is a true all-rounder. It hosts concerts by international and national artists, sporting events such as handball and basketball as well as major shows and trade fairs. On average, around 600,000 to 700,000 people visit the arena every year. Highlights include performances by stars such as Apache 207, Cro, Justin Timberlake and Helene Fischer. K.I.Z. have also announced a date for their Görlitzer Park Tour at the Quarterback Immobilien Arena Leipzig in March 2025.

Frequently asked questions about the Quarterback Immobilien Arena Leipzig:

1. what is the best way to get to the Quarterback Immobilien Arena Leipzig?

The Quarterback Immobilien Arena is located in the heart of Leipzig. Its central location makes it easy to reach, whether by car, public transport or bicycle. The adjacent parking lot provides around 430 parking spaces with 20 spaces for the disabled. However, if you are traveling by car, we recommend using one of the city's various P+R car parks.

2 Where else can I go before and after events in the Quarterback Immobilien Arena?

The Zentrum West is not far from the Quarterback Immobilien Arena. In Gottschedtstraße you will find many restaurants and bars that you can visit before or after an event. The Elster with its adjacent parks is also nearby and invites you to take a walk or have a picnic - the calm before the storm, so to speak. Rosental Park even offers a free insight into Leipzig Zoo.

3. is the Quarterback Immobilien Arena Leipzig barrier-free?

The accessibility of the Quarterback Immobilien Arena has been improved over the years to provide easy and comfortable access for people with disabilities. Important aspects include wheelchair access, suitable parking and seating areas and appropriate sanitary facilities. In addition, the Quarterback Real Estate Arena offers assistance services and acoustic support. These measures help to ensure that the Quarterback Immobilien Arena Leipzig is accessible and comfortable for all visitors, regardless of their physical limitations.

4 How do I get tickets for events at the Quarterback Immobilien Arena Leipzig?

Tickets for events can be purchased via the official website. For the events that you find on Rausgegangen, you will also be redirected to the relevant ticket providers. It is also possible to purchase tickets by phone or at the ticket counter directly at the Quarterback Immobilien Arena Leipzig. Tickets that have already been purchased cannot be returned. If an event is canceled, tickets will be returned via the advance booking office.

5. what security measures are in place at the Quarterback Immobilien Arena Leipzig?

To ensure security in the arena, there are security checks with bag checks at the entrance. There are also strict access regulations for sensitive areas. The Quarterback Immobilien Arena is also under video surveillance and has medical services such as first aid stations and medical staff.

If you would like to find out more about upcoming events or book tickets, visit the official website of the Quarterback Immobilien Arena Leipzig.

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