Tenri – Japanisch\u002DDeutsche Kulturwerkstatt e.V.
PHOTO: © Ausstellung »hier nicht hier« © Beate Gördes & Dagmar Lutz

Tenri – Japanisch-Deutsche Kulturwerkstatt e.V.

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Stop: Chlodwigplatz

The non-profit association has been building bridges between cultures with a diverse range of events since 2006. For this museum night, Tenri is cooperating with the neighboring Old Pawnshop, which is hosted by the City of Kyoto and DJG Cologne.

"Kyoto Taikan Fair - Experience Kyoto".

For the 60th anniversary of the twinning of Kyoto and Cologne, Tenri will showcase ceramic art from the Kiyomizuyaki Cooperative and the Old Pawnshop will showcase works in ceramics, paper, wood, metal, fabric and lacquer, as well as manga and anime.

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