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The rock concert of science
Laugh until you cry, finally understand the incomprehensible and take home amazing new knowledge - all this awaits you at a science slam. In a relaxed setting, young scientists will convince you on the big stage just how exciting science can be. In just ten minutes, they present the latest in their research in a creative, understandable and entertaining way. At the end, the audience decides who has given the best presentation.

Science in a modern guise

The Science Slam transforms ordinary scientists into celebrated slammers. In a brilliant atmosphere, they present the results of their research in an entertaining way and compete against each other in the ultimate competition of knowledge. The audience decides who is best able to achieve a harmonious balance between entertainment and knowledge.

The motto is - 100 percent own research. Apart from that, anything that does not violate the fire safety regulations is allowed within the 10-minute performance time. In the competition for the audience's favor, the slammers dig deep into their bag of tricks and rhetoric, making every slam evening a unique experience.

New knowledge for the topics of our time

Do you love science and also like to deal with exciting topics in your free time? Then the Science Slam is the right place for you, because here scientists from all disciplines present their latest findings. From nuclear physics to futurology, everything is covered. The slammers provide rare insights behind the scenes of their work and always refer to current social issues such as sustainability, communication, energy, health, nutrition or digitalization in their presentations.
Anyone who comes to the Science Slam will definitely go home smarter and have had a lot of fun in the process.

Science Slam - a success story made in Germany

Good science communication is more important today than ever before. Science slams play a major role in this, as they bridge the gap between scientific rigor and high-level entertainment. At a science slam, you can experience science up close, because in addition to the creative input, you have the opportunity to talk to the slammers directly and at a low threshold. If you like TED Talks and poetry slams, you will love science slams.

Science Slam - the clever way to get smarter

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