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Pascal Schumacher Live Session & Album Release

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Der Luxemburger ist ein begnadetes Ausnahmetalent, wenn es darum geht das Vibraphon zu spielen. Dabei verbindet er Klassik mit Jazz und Pop, sodass es keine passende Genre-Schublade gibt. Nun präsentiert er euch sein neues Album bei Astrein!

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Pascal Schumacher’s unique aptitude and sensitivity with the vibraphone are unparalleled, having been developed in no less than four of Europe’s most notable conservatories including the Luxembourg Conservatory where he now teaches percussion and jazz vibraphone. Over a 25-year career, he has explored the links that exist between many musical genres, making it difficult to pigeon–hole his talent, taste or musical influences. Schumacher has made a name for himself in a variety of collaborative endeavours from trios and quartets to symphonic orchestras, with a repertoire that spans contemporary classical music to pop-infused jazz.

In 2018, Pascal Schumacher was invited to play alone at Jazz & The City Festival in Salzburg. The intimacy and synergy palpable between him and his audience inspired Schumacher to venture out on his own, culminating in his debut solo album. SOL captures Schumacher’s newfound passion for solitude in all its magnetism, yet, it remains true to a relationship’s main characteristic; intimacy. With SOL, listeners are invited to feel the allure of the vibraphone - that mysterious set up of shiny plates and cascading tubes producing sounds that are at once metallic and soft, ethereal really. SOL is an enchanting journey through the beauty and the fragility of solitude.

Pascal Schumacher will release his album SOL with a special live stream straight from Mudam Luxembourg - Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean on June 5th at 9 pm (CET). The session will take place at the center of Robert Morris’ 1977 "Untitled (Portland Mirrors)" installation. This immersive art-piece uses mirrors and timber to challenge the audience's conceptions of perception and space. Pascal’s session will be filmed by producer and director Yann Tonnar, known for his films Garden Stories (2011) and Alehouse Rock (2014) and as the creative producer of the tv series routwäissgro (2015-2020). Join Pascal Schumacher as he delves deep into the magic of going solo with SOL.


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